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The KB Articles below address how to change a network/email password and how to update the new password into the various clients/devices used.

There is a prefix (1_) number to each article, the number signifies the order in which a password change and subsequent updates (Outlook apps, etc.) should be performed to minimize account lockouts that may occur should you not be able to update the clients/devices used to access resources such as email.

Please review each article that pertains to you and be prepared before initiating a network/email password change.

You will find a collection of Knowledge Base articles helpful to new and existing students here:
Canvas, MyWeb, Library, Office 365 support
Student Network Account Registration and Password Reset
Wireless and Classroom/Lab support
Chromebook, laptop, hotpots support

Articles below comprises of a list of phishing or spam emails that has been encountered. If you do not see your email in question listed below, always be cautious.

Always do the following before opening an email that you are unsure about or seems out of the ordinary.

1) DO NOT forward or reply to the email in question.

2) If sender is known to you or your organization, but you are unsure why you may have received an email from them, PLEASE take a moment and verify the content with sender by calling or sending a separate email to sender to confirm before simply clicking on links, downloading docs, etc. DO NOT forward the email in question to sender or anyone else.

3) If you DON'T know the sender, delete the email entirely.

4) Screen capture email to include sender info, subject line & body content and submit a ticket:

Articles and information pertaining to MyWeb, Outlook and Office 365 instructions.

Canvas is the District's Learning Management System. You will find a collection of Knowledge Base articles helpful here:
Canvas Support
Adjusting Section Dates
Cross-list a Section
Zoom Support

Computer software installation and troubleshooting; software support includes Adobe Creative Cloud, CROA, MyWeb, Square9, Help Desk ticket and Zoom.

Office telephone support instructions.

Support and information on computers, laptops, Hotspots and mobile devices.

Instructions on adding printers to your Windows computer.

Articles and information pertaining to wired and wireless campus networks, VPN and Hotspot instructions

Information for employees who may need to work from home.
To access a list of IT resources for employees, go to:

Articles about District and campus classroom technology.

Technology request and support for events.

One-Stop Shop for Printing, Copying and Graphic Design

ITSS security, including the ability to report incidents and information to protect yourself online.