Articles below comprises of a list of phishing or spam emails that has been encountered. If you do not see your email in question listed below, always be cautious.

Always do the following before opening an email that you are unsure about or seems out of the ordinary.

1) DO NOT forward or reply to the email in question.

2) If sender is known to you or your organization, but you are unsure why you may have received an email from them, PLEASE take a moment and verify the content with sender by calling or sending a separate email to sender to confirm before simply clicking on links, downloading docs, etc. DO NOT forward the email in question to sender or anyone else.

3) If you DON'T know the sender, delete the email entirely.

4) Screen capture email to include sender info, subject line & body content and submit a ticket:

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Year 2024

List of Phishing/Spam emails for year 2024.

Year 2023

List of Phishing/Spam emails for year 2023