How Can EVC Students Print On Campus?

What Is The Overall Process For Students to Print at EVC?

To view video, click on link: Student Printing Guide

  1. Make sure you have sufficient credit in your account to print
  2. Print from the lab computers or your own personal devices
  3. Your print jobs will be held in a queue until you are ready to release
  4. Go to one of the student printers, sign in, and select the print jobs to release


Are There Any Fees to Print/Copy?

Printing/Copying cost is $0.15 per page for black and white and $0.50 per page for color.

Students can deposit money to print with the cash loader machines located at the LETC Open Lab and the Student Center 2nd Floor Counseling Area.

To check your account balance:

  • Walk up to any of the cash loader machines and either swipe your Student ID card or enter your Student ID number
  • Use the EVC Student Print portal


Where Can I Print as EVC Students?

EVC students can print at these locations on campus. Some printers can only be accessed during class time.

Building Room Number Available Hours
Acacia AC-252 class time
Acacia AC-264 class time
Acacia AD-221 class time
Acacia AE-259 class time
Automotive Automotive Lobby open area Mon-Fri 8am-5pm during school sessions
Gullo 2 G2-104 See Veterans Center website
LETC 2nd Floor Open Lab See Open Lab website
LETC 3rd Floor Library See Library website
Math, Science, and Social Science MS-112 Tutoring See MSRC website
Math, Science, and Social Science MS 2nd Floor Hallway near MS210 open area Mon-Fri 8am-5pm during school sessions
Sequoia S-204 class time
Student Center 2nd Floor Counseling Area open area Mon-Fri 8am-5pm during school sessions
Student Center SC-214 See OASISS website


How Do I Print From the Lab Computers?

From any of the computers in the areas listed above, you can just print as normal. Make sure to select either FollowYou_BW_Student or FollowYou_Color_Student as the printer.

  • Enter your Student ID number at the pop-up (ex: 0123215)

  • A message will pop up alerting you that your print job is now held in a queue, and you can go release it at the printer


How To Release My Print Jobs?

From any of the printers in the areas listed above, you can sign in and release your print job(s). You can sign in with your EVC username and password or with your Student ID number and PIN code. 

Option 1:

  • Sign in by using your username and password. Username is the first part of your email address. So if your EVC email address is, then your username is tivi1234.
  • Tap Login.