Self-Service (formerly MyWeb) for Registration

Self-Service is a modern and robust online tool for EVC/SJCC students to perform the majority of their essential college tasks all in one place, such as registering for classes, viewing grades or the course catalog, retrieving financial aid data and more.

This document provides instructions on how to access Self-Service for students. Directions on how to login to student Self-Service (after Migration) or to register and make a payment can be found in the Files section which is located at the bottom right or click here:  Student Self-Service Guide or Student Log In (Cloud Migration).

To view all Self-Service videos click on: Video demos:

1. How to Log In

2. How to Register

3. How to Drop a Class

3. How to Use Course Catalog Section Listing

4. How to Add a Course to the Wait list

5. How to View Courses on Your Plan

6. How to Drop a Wait list Course




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