Information Security Reporting and Resources


A security incident is a threat or possible compromise involving non-public institutional data. Non-public data is any data that is not posted on a website or made public on a regular basis through reports and other means.

If you have experienced what you think is a possible security incident, you must report it immediately by clicking on the Report Security Issue button on this page. 

Examples of known or suspected security incidents that must be reported:

  • Compromise of user credentials (when there is reason to believe this has led to unauthorized access or loss of confidential data)

  • Malware or virus-infected computer (when there is reason to believe this has led to unauthorized access or loss of confidential data)

What Should You Do? 

If you believe that you receive a phishing or spam email:

  • Do not respond or reply to the email in any way; replying shows that your email address is real and can lead to further attacks.
  • Don't click on any link in a suspicious email; just clicking a link can open your computer to attack from a virus or other malware.
  • Don't open or print any attachment to the email; attachments may contain malicious code which can take over your computer.
  • If you signed in with your username and password, please change your password ASAP.
  • Delete an unverified suspicious email and purge from your 'Deleted' mail folder.
  • Verify a suspicious email by contacting the sender.

Here is a list of resources for online safety practices and awareness

Check for Phishing or Spam Emails

Articles comprises of a list of phishing or spam emails that has been encountered. If you do not see your email in question listed, always be cautious. Review the list before reporting the security issue, click here:  Check for Phishing or Spam Emails

Cybersecurity Reporting

If you have been a victim of online fraud:

  • Notify your Supervisor
  • Notify ITSS –ITSS Help Desk or
  • Notify Local Police

Information Security presentation can be found in the Files section which is located at the bottom right or click here.

Report Security Issue


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