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Articles and information pertaining to Zoom.

To get a Zoom account, simply log into, and click on the Zoom icon.
Since migrating in June 2021, Zoom accounts are automatically provisioned upon 'first' successful login. (The previous method of obtaining a Zoom account is no longer valid.)

Should there be any student worker(s) requiring access, please generate a ticket with ITSS Help Desk.

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Pinned Article Instructor Guides

The links in this article provide some basic Canvas information and how to start using Canvas as an instructor.

Pinned Article Single Sign-On Instructions

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a process in which your username and password give you access to multiple SJECCD services without requiring you to re-enter your credentials each time you access a new service.

Pinned Article Student Add Authorizations Instructions

This document outlines the new online process to assign add authorizations to students.

Pinned Article Support: Labster, Proctorio, PlayPosit

Contact Support Information for FlipGrid, Labster, Proctorio, PlayPosit video

Card View Dashboard

Directions on how to view favorite courses in the Card View as an instructor.


Electude is a cloud based automotive e-learning solution that allows instructors to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Students can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any online device.

How do I use the icons and colors in the Gradebook?

Directions on how to use the icons and colors in the Gradebook.

How to set up Turnitin in an assignment

Instructors add Turnitin as an external app to an assignment.


Resources for Instructors to get set up with access to Labster.

Pope Tech Instructor Accessibility Guide

This provides instructors with accessible, fast, and accurate web accessibility testing for their courses as they edit them. The interface gives instructors instant feedback on detected accessibility issues on any page.


Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media.

Visible Body Courseware and Integration

Directions on setting up Courseware and reviewing system requirements.