Articles and information pertaining to Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Pinned Article 1 Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

This is a guide for setting up Multi-Factor Authentication on the SJECCD Secure Login portal.

Pinned Article 1 Single Sign-On & Password Recovery for Students: PLEASE READ

The San Jose Evergreen Community College District is rolling out a new Single Sign On Portal platform as well as requiring the use of Multifactor Authentication for everyone.
The current Single Sign On Portal will be replaced by the Microsoft Apps portal and you will need to verify and/or update your user details by following these instructions.

Pinned Article 1 Updating Multi-Factor Authentication Settings for Office 365

This guide provides instructions for updating your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings for your Office 365 account. MFA helps to protect your account by adding an extra layer of security, requiring you to provide a second verification method besides your password when you log in.

Pinned Article Access the My Apps portal on Iphone

How to add My Apps portal on Iphone.

Pinned Article Having trouble accessing Self-Service?

These instructions guide users who are having trouble accessing "Self-Service."

Pinned Article Setup the Google Authenticator App (for Android)

Setting Up Google Authenticator on Android (Without a Google Account)