How to Setup the Microsoft Authenticator App (for iOS and Android)

Instructions for iOS
* Open the App Store and download the Microsoft Authenticator app. The app looks like this:
1. After downloading, open the app and select I agree. 
2. You will see three options, select Add work or school account.

3. The "Ready to add your first account" screen should pop up. Select the Add account.
4. Select Work or school account.
5. Select Sign in, and enter your Single Sign On username (ex:, you will be redirected to the SSO login page.
6. Enter your password and select Login.
        a. You may be asked to sign in again in a browser. Select Open Browser, and re-login using your school credentials.
7. The "More information required" page will pop-up, select Next.
8. Fill out the quick "Additional security verification" page and keep your phone handy for the verification code.
9. You will receive a code, enter it and select Verify. Then select Done.
10. From here you can open the Microsoft Authentication app and login with your school credentials.

11. You will be sent a verification code when signing in, enter this code and select Verify.
12. Your account has been added, select Finish. You will now see your account in the application. 



Instructions for Android
* Open the Google Play Store and download the Microsoft Authenticator
1. After downloading, open the app and select OK.
2. On the "Set up passwordless sign-in for your personal Microsoft account" menu, select SKIP.
3. On the "Protect all your online account, like GitHub, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and more" page, select SKIP.
4. You will now see the "Here for Work?" screen, select SKIP.
5. Now, open your web browser and go to and sign in with your school credentials. (ex:

6. After signing in, you will see the "Microsoft Authenticator Start by getting the app" menu, select Next.
7. You will now select the Pair your account to the app by clicking this link.
8. You will see a pop-up requesting to approve or deny the sign in. Select Approve.
9. On the "Keep your account secure" menu, select Next.
10. On the "Keep your account secure" menu, select Done.

Here is a list of resources for MFA

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