Access the My Apps portal on Iphone

Here's how to access Microsoft MyApps on your iPhone using the Microsoft Edge browser and the Authenticator app for two-factor authentication:

1) Download Microsoft Edge: Get it from the App Store (search for "Microsoft Edge").

2) Set Up Shortcuts (Optional): When opening Edge, make sure "Show shortcuts" is turned on (follow Edge's prompts).

3) Sign In: Tap the "Sign In" icon in the top left corner of Edge.

4) Sync Your Account: Choose "Sign in to Sync" to keep your favorites and browsing history across devices.

5) Sign In with Student Account: Enter your student account credentials and tap "Sign in."

6) Authenticator App: You'll be prompted to open the Authenticator app. Make sure it's your student account and tap "Send Notification."

Authenticator App Not Installed? If you don't have the Microsoft Authenticator app yet, follow these steps:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search for "Microsoft Authenticator."
  • Download and install the app from Microsoft Corporation.

Once you have the Authenticator app installed, return to step 7 in the main instructions:

7) Make sure it is your student account and click Send Notification.

8) Enter Verification Code: A number will appear on your Authenticator app. Enter this number in Edge. If you can't see the number, tap "I can't see the number" to resend. Alternatively, use "Use your password instead" if necessary.

9) Success! You should be signed in to your student account (check by tapping "Sign In" again). Now, tap "Add."

10) Find and Add MyApps: Search for "Microsoft MyApps" and tap the "+" button next to it.


11) MyApps Ready: You'll see MyApps in your Edge shortcuts on the home screen.

12) Easy Access: Just tap the MyApps shortcut to access it without needing to sign in again every time!

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