Activities Setup, Furniture Moves -(Campus Only), General Cleaning, Services, Interior Pest Control, Interior Waste Disposal, Restroom Supplies, Document Destruction.

Contact number: (408) 288-3793

Services (3)

Custodial - for District Office, EVC and SJCC Campus

Custodial Request for District Office, EVC and SJCC Campus.
Custodial maintains and oversees cleaning and preparation for EVC and SJCC classrooms, offices, buildings, and restrooms.

Custodial Event Support (SJCC, Milpitas and District only)

Custodial set up facilities for non-classroom activities that enrich the college experience for our students, including student activities, board meetings, career fairs.

Personal Protective Equipment - for SJCC Campus only

For SJCC campus only.
Request for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, face masks, hand sanitizers and sanitized wipes.