Popular Services

To be used only by students to request support for accessing Office 365, Canvas, Library, MyHealth, Password Reset and Self-Service (formerly MyWeb)

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the ongoing and scheduled maintenance of all district facilities.

Request for key/fob to building(s)/room(s) or cabinet(s)/desk(s).

If the other service categories do not fit your need of technology support, please submit a ticket from this category.

This service allows staff, faculty, and students to submit a ticket when having trouble with sign-in or account has not been created yet.

Request parking permit(s) for guests to visit EVC, Milpitas and SJCC campus or District Office.

Custodial Request for District Office, EVC and SJCC Campus.
Custodial maintains and oversees cleaning and preparation for EVC and SJCC classrooms, offices, buildings, and restrooms.

Request support to install, upgrade or remove computer software.

Install, move, or remove technology hardware. Report office, lab, conference room, or classroom hardware issues such as District-owned computers, monitors, printers, etc.

Request for access or removal of access for computer and network resources.

Request for support or repair of existing printer or scanner.

Request support to unlock account and change or reset password to your computer login id and SJECCD SECURE LOGIN (SSO) site.

Use this service request to process Change Orders to existing BPOs. Ensure you have sufficient budget to support your change order. All supporting documentation must be attached to this request such as revised Quotes, Contracts, and Contract Revision Forms if applicable. Requests with insufficient documentation will not be processed.

Technology support for special events and meetings.

Request support for technology related issues in a classroom or computer lab: AV (audio-visual), Computer, LCD Monitor, Projector, Projector Screen, Audio (sound), AV Controls, DVD Player, Document Camera, Printer, and Scanner.

Custodial set up facilities for non-classroom activities that enrich the college experience for our students, including student activities, board meetings, career fairs.

Request functional support for district/college applications such as, WebUI, Email/Office 365, MyHealth, Self Service (MyWeb), Sharepoint, Canvas, etc. (Use this service to request support if you already have access to the resource but are experiencing issues using it.)

Request support for standard phones, voice mail, blue phones, elevator phones and district supplied cell phones.

Use this service request to process BPO Renewals for services and supplies. Ensure you have sufficient budget to support your renewal. All supporting documentation must be attached to this request such as Quotes, Contracts, Insurance, etc. Requests with insufficient documentation will not be processed.

Grounds Request for EVC and SJCC Campus.

**Use only for brand new network account requests.**
Request a NEW network account for a NEW user (full/part-time employees (staff, msc, faculty), contractors/consultants, etc.)

Use the Resource Access and Removal section below for all other resource access requests.

Used for students to report IT issues associated with classrooms, computer labs located at the three campuses: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension and technology hardware loaned from the respective campuses.

Request wired or wireless network access. Report issues with Networking (Wired/Wireless) or VPN.

For the purchase of classroom and office equipment or furniture (i.e. furniture, hardware, software, audio/video, and other instructional specific equipment).

Report Security Incidents (e.g. phishing, inappropriate use of confidential information)