Custodial, Grounds, Furniture & Fixture & Maintenance

Custodial, Grounds, Furniture & Fixture and Maintenance Support Services

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Building Access

Use this request to report problems with doors/automatic locks, card reader, intrusion alarms and hardware issues. This form should be used if access to a door that you previously had access to is not working.

Furniture & Equipment Request

For the purchase of classroom and office equipment or furniture (i.e. furniture, hardware, software, audio/video, and other instructional specific equipment).

Key Request

Request for key/fob to building(s)/room(s) or cabinet(s)/desk(s).


The Maintenance Department is responsible for the ongoing and scheduled maintenance of all district facilities.

Custodial - for District Office, EVC and SJCC Campus

Custodial Request for District Office, EVC and SJCC Campus.
Custodial maintains and oversees cleaning and preparation for EVC and SJCC classrooms, offices, buildings, and restrooms.

Grounds - for EVC or SJCC campus

Grounds Request for EVC and SJCC Campus.

Personal Protective Equipment - for SJCC Campus only

For SJCC campus only.
Request for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, face masks, hand sanitizers and sanitized wipes.