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The Campus Check-in Form must be completed each day upon arriving to work on-campus. When you submit this form, the following information will also be provided: Login name, email address, date, time. This form will also log the date and time that it is submitted.

Used for students to report IT issues associated with classrooms, computer labs located at the three campuses: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension and technology hardware loaned from the respective campuses during shelter-in-place (COVID19).

The Warehouse Department is responsible for the receipt and distribution of materials purchased by the District and Campus.

Technology support for special events and meetings.

Request graphic designs.

During the Covid 19 and Social Distancing this is to request for technology hardware and software for working at home.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the ongoing and scheduled maintenance of all district facilities.

Request for setup/configuration of new phone and voicemail.

Request an account for a new user (primarily for SJECCD new employees only).

To be used only by students to request support for accessing Office 365, Canvas, MyWeb, Library and Password Reset.

If the other service categories do not fit your need of technology support, please submit a ticket from this category.

Request support for standard phones, voice mail, blue phones, elevator phones and district supplied cell phones.

For print and copy services, please visit the Reprographics site at:

Request a printer/scanner quote from ITSS/CTSS.