Canvas Support, Library, Office 365, Self Service (formerly MyWeb)
Password Reset and Account Unlock
Wireless and Classroom/Lab Support

Services (4)

Office 365, Canvas, Library, Myhealth, Password Reset and Self-Service

To be used only by students to request support for accessing Office 365, Canvas, Library, MyHealth, Password Reset and Self-Service (formerly MyWeb)

Classroom, Computer Lab and Technology hardware loaned (Students)

Used for students to report IT issues associated with classrooms, computer labs located at the three campuses: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension and technology hardware loaned from the respective campuses.

IT Request (no sign-in required)

This service allows staff, faculty, and students to submit a ticket when having trouble with sign-in or account has not been created yet.

Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Report issues connecting to wireless (Wi-Fi) at the following campus locations: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension.