Office 365, MyWeb, Canvas Support, Library
Password Reset and Account Unlock
Wireless and Classroom/Lab Support

Services (4)

Classroom, Computer Lab and Technology hardware loaned during COVID19 Shelter-in-place (Students)

Used for students to report IT issues associated with classrooms, computer labs located at the three campuses: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension and technology hardware loaned from the respective campuses during shelter-in-place (COVID19).

IT Request (no sign-in required)

This service allows staff, faculty, and students to submit a ticket when having trouble with sign-in or account has not been created yet.

Office 365, Canvas, MyWeb, Library, Myhealth and Password Reset

To be used only by students to request support for accessing Office 365, Canvas, MyWeb, Library, MyHealth and Password Reset.

Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Report issues connecting to wireless (Wi-Fi) at the following campus locations: EVC, SJCC and Milpitas Extension.