Information Technology

Information Technology Service Requests

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Office 365, MyWeb, Canvas Support, Library
Password Reset and Account Unlock
Wireless and Classroom/Lab Support

Account Management

New User Account
Password Reset and Registration
Resource Access and Removal

Hardware & Software

Hardware and Software Quotes
Hardware and Software Support
Application Support, Install, Upgrade, Uninstall
IT Purchase request during Covid 19

Phones & VoiceMail

Phone Setup, Support, Removal
Blue Phones and Elevator Phones
District Office Cell Phones

Printers & Scanners

New Printer/Scanner Quotes
Install or Remove Printers/Scanners
Support & Repair Printers/Scanners


Request network cabling, wireless coverage, VPN access
Report issues with wireless, Internet, VPN

Classroom & Computer Lab

Technology support for classroom and computer lab

Event Technology Support

Technology request and support for college/district events


Print, Copy, Scan and Graphic Design

Security Incident Reporting

Security incident reporting.


Please submit a ticket from this category if none of the other categories fit your technology support need