Articles and information pertaining to Zoom.

To get a Zoom account, simply log into, and click on the Zoom icon.
Since migrating in June 2021, Zoom accounts are automatically provisioned upon 'first' successful login. (The previous method of obtaining a Zoom account is no longer valid.)

Should there be any student worker(s) requiring access, please generate a ticket with ITSS Help Desk.

Articles (13)

Pinned Article Classroom Security Settings

Here is some helpful information to secure your Zoom classroom.

Pinned Article Features for All Meetings

Features available for all meetings, including when using ConferZoom in Canvas.

Pinned Article Guidance for Recording Class Sessions

Guidance for Recording Class Sessions with TechConnect (Confer) Zoom.

Pinned Article Share Meeting Invitations with Students to Join Outside of Canvas

Due to a new password policy implemented by Zoom, passwords are required when connecting to
a ConferZoom meeting from Canvas. The ConferZoom app in Canvas automatically manages passwords, enabling a seamless connection without a password prompt for students.

Pinned Article Zoom TechConnect Instructor Guide

‘SJECCD Zoom’ is the new Canvas integration at EVC and SJCC, which replaces the 'ConferZoom' app in Canvas. The 'SJECCD Zoom' app offers more scheduling options, faster recording downloads, and applied Zoom updates.

Canvas Scheduler

Directions for Canvas and Zoom allow you several ways to meet privately one-on-one with students for office hours.

How do I add a Scheduler appointment group in a course calendar?

Directions on how to add a scheduler appointment group in a course calendar.

How to Select Zoom Meeting Recordings in the Cloud

Directions on how to select zoom meeting recordings in the cloud

Share Your TechConnect Cloud (3C Media Solutions) Video

Directions on how to share your TechConnect Cloud (3C Media Solutions) video.

Upload Media to Your TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) Account

Directions on how to upload media to your TechConnect Cloud account.

Zoom Freeze or Blackout Glitch

Zoom freezes or screen blacks out during Zoom meeting
Issue reportedly related to a recent Zoom update
Recommendation: Update your Zoom Desktop client to the latest version. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the Zoom Desktop client.

Zoom Polling for Meetings

The polling feature for Zoom meetings allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions for your meetings.