General Services

The Department of General Services provides centralized services to the San Jose Evergreen Community College District. Services include Purchasing, Warehouse, Contracts, and Risk Management.

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Risk Management

The Risk Management Department works to provide a safe and secure environment for District employees, students, and visitors; and assists with the preservation and protection of District property and assets.


The Purchasing Department supports and enhances the education of students by purchasing goods and services requested by District staff based upon an impartial open competitive vendor selection process that complies with applicable laws and District policies and achieves the lowest available acquisition cost consistent with the specified features, functions, quantity, quality, level of service, and required delivery time.


The Warehouse Department is responsible for the receipt and distribution of materials purchased by the District and Campus. The Warehouse is also responsible to help with coordinating the return of incorrect or damaged materials if necessary. The Warehouse is responsible for coordinating disposition of surplus equipment, including pick up, storage and sale or disposal. Maintaining Records Storage & shredding of confidential material and records.