Furniture & Equipment Request

This form is for Furniture, equipment and Design Services only and not intended for supply purchases, custodial request, maintenance or operational purposes. For inquiries regarding this form or process contact Facilities Manager (408) 288-3159. When to use this form:

(A) When you need assistance in obtaining quotes

(B) When you do not know the source of funding,

(C) For equipment purchases, not supplies or consumables For an item to be classified as equipment, it must meet ALL of the following;

1. It will not lose its original shape and appearance with use.

2. It is not a consumable, and has normal service life of more than one year.

3. It is not easily broken, damaged, or lost in normal use.

4. It is more feasible to repair it, than to replace it with an entirely new unit.

5. It is an expensive item, and the cost makes it advisable to inventory the item (that is more than $500).


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