How to Setup the Outlook Desktop App

Setting Up the Outlook Desktop App on Your Work or Home Computer


       Follow these instructions to setup an email account with Outlook 2016 on a laptop or desktop or from the Files section download the pdf which is located at the bottom right or click here:  How to Setup the Outlook Desktop .

  1. Click on the Window’s Start button (located on the taskbar usually in the bottom left corner)


  1. From the start menu, launch the Outlook Desktop Client - All Programs -> Outlook.

          Hint: You can pin the Outlook program to your taskbar by right-clicking on the icon and selecting “Pin to Taskbar”.



  1. Click Next >


  1. Select Yes; then click Next >


  1. If your name and email address are not already listed, enter your email address and password and then click Next >


           Hint: The password is your email/network password that you use to login to the computer.  Email format examples:,,

  1. While searching for the settings, a SJECCD Secure Login screen should pop-up.


        7. Enter your email address and email/network password and select Login.


Hint: Email format examples:,, The password is your email/network password that you use to login to the computer.

         8. Congratulations, your email account should now be configured and ready to use.  Select Finish.


        9. Outlook will open and your emails will start to sync/download.  At the end of that process you should see status messages on the bottom stating:  “All folders are up to date” and “Connected”.


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