Connect to the EVC or SJCC Wi-Fi on a PC for staff, students and guests

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Faculty, Staff, and Students

Select "SJCC" or "EVC" Wi-Fi  using your network credentials (e.g. email address and password)

Students: You will need to use your student network account to login to the SJCC or EVC wireless network, otherwise, you may access the EVC or SJCC guest wireless. Your student network account is used for Office 365 and other college applications. If you have never used your student network account, click here for instructions on setting up your account.

The format of your student network account is dependent on your primary college: EVC Students: (e.g.,  SJCC Students: (e.g.,

1. Select EVC or SJCC from the network menu located in the bottom right corner of your PC and click Connect.

Connect to EVC Wi-Fi

2. Enter your network account credentials (e.g. college email address and password) and click OK

Enter network account credentials (school username and password)

3. You are now connected to the network.

Guest Users (e.g guest speakers or vendors)

Follow the instructions below, select SJCC_Guest or EVC_Guest.

1. Select SJCC_Guest from the network menu located in the bottom right corner of your PC.


2. Click Connect to "SJCC_Guest" or "EVC_Guest"


3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.


4. You are now connected to the network.







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