06/22/2023 Attn: San Jose State University Mailbox Users

Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2023 1:47 AM
Subject: Attn: San Jose State University Mailbox Users


Cybersecurity CAUTION: This email came from outside SJECCD. Do not open attachments, click on links or provide any information if you don’t fully recognize the sender or the content.

Attn: San Jose State University Mailbox Users


With reference to our present online transition program with respect to strengthen our database, San Jose State University is pleased to inform your Microsoft office Mail-Box will be Transiting to Google Mail this month. Kindly Click on the Link below and follow the instructions given.



Failure to follow the instructions as given in the link above will lead to a deactivation of your San Jose State University mailbox.



©️ San Jose State University.

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