How to access/update my tickets on portal?

To access any ticket requests that you have created in the past or been listed as the requestor on, you must first sign in to the Client Portal using your username and password. Once logged in, you can view the status of any of the ticket requests, add information, and provide feedback to the staff working on them.

Accessing Tickets

The listing of your tickets can be found in two places on the portal.

Portal Home Page

To get a quick overview of all tickets that list you as a requestor and are still in progress, go to the home page of this portal and look for My Submitted Tickets in the middle column. There, you will find a summary of all your open tickets.

Services Page

To view a full list of all tickets in which you are listed as the requestor, including those already closed and completed, go to the Service Catalog page of this portal by clicking on Services in the menu ribbon. Here, you will be able to see a comprehensive list of tickets related to you.

Next, click on the Ticket Requests link on the menu ribbon.

If you wish to view all your tickets, regardless of the status (whether it be Open, In Process, Completed, or Cancelled) select 'Select All' in the drop-down list for the Status Class attribute, and then press Search. By default, only tickets that are marked as Open or In Process will be displayed.

Updating Tickets

To open a ticket on the screen, click on its title. You can also attach a file to it, such as a screen capture, by clicking the Add Attachment button and selecting the file from either your computer or your OneDrive. Furthermore, you can add a comment to the ticket by clicking on the Comment button at the bottom. While adding the comment, you can select the people assigned to work on the ticket from the list so that they receive an email notification of your comment.

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