How to Setup Security Key

How to setup Security Key on computer, click here: Yubi-Keys

Approval from your Dean or manager is required to obtain a Security Key.

Adding a Security Key

Here's how to add a security key to your Microsoft account for extra login protection:

1. Go to the sign-in page: Open a web browser and visit

2. Log in to your account: Sign in to your account using your email and password.

3. Access Security Settings: Navigate to the "Security Info" section in your account settings.

4. Add a new sign-in method: Look for the option labeled "+ ADD SIGN-IN METHOD" and click it


5. Choose Security Key: From the list of methods, select "Security key" and then click "Add."

Verify your identity: You might receive a verification code. Enter the code and click "Verify" to confirm it's you.

Connect your security key:

1. Choose "USB device" as the security key type.

2. Plug your security key into a USB port on your device.

3. If your key has a button or sensor, touch it to complete the setup.

4. Set a PIN: Create a strong PIN for your security key and click "Ok" to save it.

5. Finish the setup: Click "Ok" on the final screen to complete the process.

Now, when you log in to your Microsoft account:

1. You'll be prompted to choose between using Windows Hello.

2. Insert your security key into the USB port.

3. Enter the PIN you created for the security key.

4. Touch the button or sensor on your security key (if applicable).

5. Once verified, your account will be accessible with the added security of your security key.

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