Resolving Network Locked Accounts

This is to help troubleshoot instances involving locked user network accounts.

Often times, one of your devices, such as a laptop or cell phone, may be attempting to use incorrect credentials (username and/or password) to connect to campus WIFI or email. As such a device continuously tries to connect with incorrect credentials, your account is locked on a continuous basis. If this issue persists even after you believe you have updated all your devices with your new network password, then there are likely other possibilities causing the issue with continuous locking:

a) you may have entered your new credentials (username and/or password) incorrectly 5 times. Check and update your password on all computers and devices trying to connect to SJECCD email, WIFI, or anything that requires a login with username/email password.

b) If you have a mobile device, please make sure the password is updated on the device itself.  You can also remove the SJECCD account and re-add it.    Also, make sure that any cached passwords in the mobile device browser are cleared out. 

c) If you use the EVC or SJCC network with your mobile device on campus, please update that with your current password.  You can have the device forget the WIFI network and then re-add to do this. 

d) If you have an off campus computer with Outlook configured for email, the home computer might still be using an incorrect password.  Reconfigure the email client with your current password. 

e) You should flush the cache/cookies/passwords on personal computer web browsers to make sure an old password is not cached and trying to sign into Office 365. See this page on how to flush cache/cookies.

f) there are stored former credentials on one of your devices that is trying to connect to campus WIFI or email. Here are some places to look for stored credentials:

  1. If you have a Windows computer, please check the username and password in the Windows Credential Manager. 
  2. If you use Office 365 Outlook to access email, check that you are not using a “saved password” within the browser.

Until the bad credentials are corrected on your device(s), the account will continue to experience problems. If you require assistance, please contact the ITSS help desk:

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