Purchasing a Parking Permit for Students & Employees

Students & Faculty are able to purchase a parking permit through the new system in Self-Service.


  • $40 for virtual permit
  • $3 for daily parking permit

*Please note if you are awarded free tuition, you will have your parking reimbursed to your account.

Click here to be directed to the Single Sign-On (SSO) webpage.

Click here for the Step-by-step Instructions (PDF) - Student

Click here for the Step-by-step Instructions (PDF) - Employees

Click here for the Parking Permit Instruction Video - Student

Click here for the Parking Permit Instruction Video - Employee

Purchasing Parking Pass

*Before starting the order process, make sure you have the license plate number, make, color and state of your vehicle ready.

  1. Go to Secure single Sign-on (https://sso.sjeccd.edu
  2. Sign in with your student credentials (Ex: tivi676@stu.evc.edu) (Ex: tivi7676@stu.sjcc.edu)
  3. Select the User Options Icon

  1. Select Parking Permit Request

  1. Select Term and click Next

  1. Select Institution and click Parking Permit Request

  1. Verify your information is correct, then enter your email and click Next. **(If information does not populate, please enter your valid information)**

  1. Select the permit you are purchasing and click Next.

*Please Note: If you are purchasing a daily permit, choose the date you wish to use the permit. The permit will only be valid for that day.

  1. Enter your License Plate number and use drop down menus to select the Make, Color, and State.

  1. Then click Next.
  2. Check the box by the terms and click on Pay Now By Credit Card.
    *If you are an Employee, you will not need to pay for the permit as it is free for the duration of employment.

  1. Verify information, enter payment details and click on Pay.

  1. Your payment has successfully completed, click Continue.

  1. You have successfully ordered a parking permit! For virtual permits, nothing will be mailed out. Your registered plate is the permit number. There is nothing to display on your vehicle.


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