Microsoft Office Lens Scan Setup for Android phone

The free Office Lens app turns your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR).  Instructions for setting up Microsoft Office Lens on Android mobile devices can be found in the Files section which is located at the bottom right or click here:  How to Install Microsoft Office Lens for Android

1. In the Android Play Store, search for "Microsoft Office Lens" and then click Install.


2. Click “Allow” Office Lens to access photos.


3. Click “Allow” to take pictures.


4. Tap the “Start Scanning” to begin the scan.


5. “Privacy option setup screen” click on “Close” to continue.


6. Drag the handles to adjust the borders. Tap on “camera” button.


7. Click on CONFIRM to acknowledge that image is OK.


8. Click on “Done” to save image:


9. Select where the image is to be saved and click on SAVE:



10. Returns to Scan image screen to take another image:



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