Key Request Approval Process

1. Upon a Key Request submission, an email will be sent to management:

          Keys Request service


2. To approve/deny request, click on the Key Request Approval link in the email notification. It will redirect to the ticketing portal and require authentication via SJECCD Secure Login (SSO).

Approval Reuest Email Notice

(If you are having trouble logging in, contact ITSS Help Desk: )


3. Otherwise, click on the green Approval or red Reject button

Current Workflow Step: Approve or Reject


4. Enter a message into the Comments box, then click on the Save button.

Current Workflow Step: Approve or reject comments


5. The next page indicates that approval/rejection has been given – History section will show Approved/Rejected.

     If approved, it will indicate in the status and history section.

Approved Status and History

If rejected, it will show as indicated in Status and History section:

Reject/Denied Status and History


6. At this point, the approval/rejection process has completed. You may log out by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the browser and select Sign Out.


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