03/31/2022 Virtual PA Job


                                                                                                                                                                      JOB BRIEF:


There is a need for urgent replacement for a Personal assistant (Virtual).We are looking for a friendly, simple, and trustworthy personal assistant, you can take it as a part-time job depending on your choice.The hours will be flexible, this time can be increased or reduced depending on your availability.


$400 to $750 weekly, depending on how many tasks you were able to fulfill weekly.


Manage appointments, meetings, and reminders.

Book medical appointment

Flight Reservation

Manage Payment between multiple Vendors


Active US Bank Account

Active US Driver’s License.

Coinbase/Cashapp Account (Can be easily setup)

You are 18 and above.

High school graduate.

No criminal history

Live in any of the U’S states except Hawaii.

Additional Information:

To apply for this position, interested candidates should download and fill out the below form and have it sent to the HR representatives via career@gtone-concierge.com with his/her personal email.

Alternatively, you could fill this.

Full Name:

Current Mailing Address:

Telephone numbers:

Have you held a VALID US license?

How old are you?

Bank Name:

Do you have an active and verified CashApp account?

b. Is the BTC section of your Cashapp verified?

Do you have an active and verified Coinbase account?

Are you a US Citizen?

If NO, Do you have a work visa/permit?


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