Zoom Migration Information

ITSS is working with CCC TechConnect to migrate our Zoom Pro accounts from CCCConfer to SJECCD-EDU after spring semester ends. CCC TechConnect is offering this migration path to all California Community Colleges to increase local autonomy and a new Zoom LTI in Canvas.

Here is a summary of the upcoming changes:

Known issues
•  Reports (e.g., class attendance, meeting attendance, poll reports) for meetings that took place before migration will no longer be available after migration. Therefore, users must download the reports before 6/7/2021 to preserve the information.  Click here for instructions on how to run and download attendance reports.
•  Zoom meetings created before the migration and taking place after the migration will not support closed captioning. This applies to recurring meetings as well. Users that require closed captioning will need to re-create the meetings after migration.

Zoom General
• The migration will begin on 6/7/2021 at 9:00 PM and end by 6/8/2020 at 7:00 AM - Zoom accounts will not be accessible during the migration
• The Zoom application will work the same as it did before the migration
• A new Zoom icon will be available in Single Sign-on (SSO) to login to Zoom
• SJECCD will manage Zoom accounts and will be able to quickly provision them
•  To access Zoom website, click here: Zoom Web

ITSS Help Desk support will be available before and after the migration
Canvas/Zoom Application Changes
• There will be a new Zoom LTI in Canvas – SJECCD Zoom – that has similar functions as the current Zoom application
• CCC TechConnect recommends that Canvas users wait until the migration is complete before scheduling Zoom meetings that take place after 6/7/2021 (otherwise users will need to import them into Canvas individually)
Zoom Training Resources
Using Zoom within Canvas – ITSS Help Desk Knowledge Base articles  
Zoom Resources – Educating over Zoom
Using Zoom – Excellent public domain resource from Foothill College on using Zoom from within or outside Canvas. Outstanding videos and written instructions on over 30 topics. Contact the ITSS Help Desk for support - Do not contact Foothill De Anza for support.

Additional Information

Finally, TechConnect also manages TechConnect Cloud (formerly 3CMedia Solutions) which is a free resource for CCC employees to host captioned videos long-term with no advertisements. For more information, go to https://www.3cmediasolutions.org/ and the following sites to learn how to transfer videos from Zoom to TechConnect Cloud:
•    How-To Download & Transfer Your Recorded Zoom Content To Your TechConnect Cloud Account
•    How-To Upload Media to Your TechConnect Cloud (3C Media) Account


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