Single Sign-On Instructions to Library Catalog & Databases (Any Library Resources)

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For assistance, contact the SJECCD ITSS Help Desk at 408-270-6411,, or online at

1. Upon clicking on the Library Account Login or Library Online Articles site you will get redirected to:

Your email address will be your or

Here are examples:

EVC Students:       SJCC Students:

2. For first time login, click on the Unlock/Reset Password button.

This will take you through an identification verification process and then an enrollment process.

Once, completed, for any future logins, you'll only need to enter your EVC or SJCC college campus email address then click on the Login button.

3. Select “Reset Password” then click on Continue button.

4. Enter your date of birth using this format (MM/DD/YYYY).  Enter your student id number: 7 numbers with a leading 0 in the front. Once both fields have been completed, click on the Continue button.

5. Enter in your New Password and Confirm Password. Requirements for password are:

Must be 8 characters long.  Cannot contain any part of your first name, last name, or username. Must satisfy any 3 of the following:

1. Must contain at least one uppercase letter

2. Must contain at least one lowercase letter

3. Must contain at least one number

4. Special Characters are okay to use

    Then, click on the Continue button

6. Once you see "Password Reset Successfully" message, click on the Continue button. You have finished the Identity Verification process. The Enrollment Process will automatically start.


7. For first time login, you will now go through the SJECCD Secure Login enrollment process. Select Continue button.     


8. Select three predefined questions, enter your answers to them, then click the Continue button.    


9. Click Continue once you receive the ‘Self-Service Action Successful’ message.


10. On the Mobile Phone page, have your mobile phone close by before proceeding. 

Enter in your mobile phone number and select the Continue button.  (If you don’t have a mobile phone number or do not want to provide it, click on the Skip button.)  


11. If a mobile phone number was provided, a one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone.  Check your mobile phone for the OTP passcode and enter it into the One-Time-Passcode field (standard texting fee may apply per your carrier). Click on the Continue button.    


I2. In the ‘Self-Service Action Successful’ message, click Continue.


13. You have finished the enrollment process.

14. To access Library resources, simply visit the respective campus' website (SJCC: or EVC:








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