Single Sign-On Instructions for Accessing Office 365

For assistance, contact the ITSS Help Desk at 408-270-6411,, or online at Directions for accessing Office 365 can be found in the Files section which is located at the bottom right or click here:  Single Sign-On Instructions for Accessing Office 365

           1. In a browser, go to

Your Student Network Account  is for EVC students and for SJCC students. This is also your Office 365 email address if you request it. Here are examples: (EVC student), (SJCC student).

            You will use your Student Network Account – which looks like an email address – for logging into SJECCD SECURE LOGIN to access SJECCD provided resources.

2. To login for the first time, click on the Unlock/Reset Password button. This will take you through an identification verification and enrollment process.



          3. Select “Reset Password” then click on the Continue button.


   4. Enter your date of birth using this format (MM/DD/YYYY). For example, if you were born on March 1, 2002, you would enter, 03/01/2002. Next, enter your seven digit Student ID number with the leading 0 in the front. Once both fields have been completed, click on the Continue button.


         5. Enter in your password in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes.  The password must meet the Password Complexity Rules (see below). Then, click on the Continue button.


          6. Once you see "Password Reset Successfully" message, click on the Continue button. You have finished the Identity Verification process. Next, the Enrollment Process will automatically start.


          7. The first time you login, you will go through the SJECCD Secure Login enrollment process. Enter your Student Network Account username (looks like an email address) and your new password and select Continue.


          8. Select three predefined questions and enter your answers to them. Next, click Continue.               


          9. Click Continue once you receive the ‘Self-Service Action Successful’ message.


         10. On the Mobile Phone page, you will need your mobile phone close by before proceeding. 

Enter in your mobile phone number and select Continue.  (If you don’t have a mobile phone number or do not want to provide it, click Skip.)   


          11. If a mobile phone number was provided, a one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone.  Check your mobile phone for the OTP passcode and enter it into the One-Time-Passcode field (standard texting fee may apply per your carrier). Click on the Continue button.         


        12. Click Continue once you receive the ‘Self-Service Action Successful’ message.

         13. You have finished the enrollment process and should now be viewing the SJECCD Secure Login Welcome page. To access the apps available from this page, simply click on an app icon.


Steps 14 and 15 below are for accessing Office365 Outlook

        14. To access Office365, simply click on the app icon EVC-O365, (for SJCC students, it will display, SJCC-O365).

If this is your first time logging into Office 365 Outlook, you will be asked to put in your language and Time Zone preferences. Enter in Pacific Time and select Save.


         15. You should now be in Office 365 Outlook.     


        16.  To logout, click on the top right corner where your ‘initials’ icon appears and select Sign Out. Then, please wait for the session to completely end stating that you have been successfully logged out. Finally, exit out the browser – close all windows. It is important to Sign Out of resources completely when using a browser on shared computers such as labs at the college campuses or any public place.

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