Zoom - How to Request a Zoom Pro Account (ConferZoom)

Zoom is an online meeting platform for video conferencing, real-time messaging, and content sharing. Many SJECCD employees use ConferZoom on a regular basis for committee meetings, vendor meetings, and interacting with students in Canvas. All California Community College employees may request a Zoom Pro account - ConferZoom - from CCC Confer at no cost. Unlike a free Zoom account, a Zoom Pro account (ConferZoom) will let you schedule meetings for up to 300 attendees with no time limit.

You may request a ConferZoom account (Zoom Pro) from CCCConfer. You will need to use your district/college email address. There is no cost to you or the district. Do not request a Zoom Pro account through the Zoom website because you will need to pay for it. FYI - Participants do not need a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting.

Visit the ConferZoom website for helpful Guides and additional support resources for using Zoom. 

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